Holly’s Delicious Cakes are made especially to order on an individual basis so the below

is just a guideline on prices, for an accurate quote please contact us.


We can accommodate for all sorts of requests regarding shapes, sizes, flavours

and fillings of cake and each order may have an individual price.


The prices below are a guideline for the different types of cakes we can create for you,.


6” round from £25    

8” round from £35   

10” round from £50    

12” round from £65    

Cupcakes from £1.25

3 Tier Wedding Cakes* from £180

Naked/Semi Naked Cakes from £25

*All wedding cakes include delivery and set up at your venue

so please do let us know your wedding venue on enquiry.

Each cake is bespoke to the individual which is why we cannot guarantee a price.





Finger portions are classed as 1″ x 1″ x 5″ and dessert portions are 1″ x 2″ x 5″.

Finger portions are wedding cake size servings and

celebration cake servings are based on dessert portions

The below guide is based on our most popular wedding cake sizes.

Tier Sizes

6" & 8"

4", 6" & 8"

5", 7" & 9"

6", 8" & 10"

4", 6", 8" & 10"

4", 6", 8", 10" & 12"

Finger Portions

60 round/75 square

70 round/90 square

95 round/125 square

120 round/155 square

130 round/170 square

210 round/280 square

Dessert Portions

38 round/50 square

44 round/58 square

57 round/76 square

76 round/100 square

82 round/108 square

138 round/180 square

Tier Sizes

6" & 8"

4", 6" & 8"

5", 7" & 9"

6", 8" & 10"

4", 6", 8" & 10"

4", 6", 8", 10" & 12"

Payment Terms

All wedding cakes require a £75 non refundable deposit on booking and the final balance is due 6 weeks before the wedding date/collection of cake. No refunds or changes can be made after this date. 

Payments can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Celebration cakes require a £30 non refundable deposit on booking and the balance can be paid on collection if paying by cash or 48 hours prior if paying by bank transfer to ensure funds are cleared.

Collection Terms

Please note on all collected cakes that responsibility is with the purchaser once passed over from Holly's Delicious Cakes. Any damages in transit will not be rectified without a cost involved. 

All cakes must be placed on a flat surface, the boot of your car is a perfect place for travelling with cakes on board. 

Deliveries can be made for a small charge. 

Full terms and conditions can be supplied if requested.

Based in Consett, North East England

Telephone: 07860453926

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